One Foot In

The Kid Option

14 Oct 2009

I often say, honestly, if the woman I was before I had a child could see the woman I am now, there is no way she would have a kid. That woman was so intense about her work, so used to having her schedule at her control, so used to napping, eating, watching a movie, and having sex whenever she felt like it, she would be horrified to see herself as me.

Addicted to Oral

15 Aug 2009

It’s really fascinating to me, then, that a lot of interviewees don’t change very much of what I give back to them. I think they are often a bit surprised by that snapshot of their thinking, their memories, at that moment, and treat it as more sacred than I do. In any case, it’s a system that leaves me as close to peace as I can be when I’m asking people difficult questions about uncomfortable times.