One Foot In

America gets a puppy

22 Nov 2008

In Flint, as I walked from house to house with a clipboard, knocking on doors, a lot of black people didn’t want to open the door to me. When I shouted through the window that I was working for Senator Obama, a number opened the door and said, “Really?”

Really, I answered.

The New Objectivity

25 Sep 2008

What if the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health decided that the only type of research that would be funded by their institutions would be that conducted by researchers who belong to the groups under study?

No Regrets

6 Sep 2008

My friend Dan Savage and I got to talking recently about how we are hampered in terms of writing about our personal lives. Anyone who knows Dan’s oeuvre or my oeuvre might find laughable the idea that we consider ourselves hampered.

Card Games

22 Aug 2008

We ended up in one of those never-ending email conversations that involves ten people who ordinarily never talk to each other. One of the folks from the print shop suggested we just forget my title altogether and put only my name, degree, and program affiliation on my university business card. I objected; I had worked hard for that promotion.