One Foot In

What to Wear?

10 Oct 2007

Each discipline has its own rules about dress, and when, like me, you’re an interdisciplinary scholar--and worse yet, someone who is often trying to actively persuade audiences--it can be tough to figure out what to wear when you’re going off to speak.

Grad School Survival

1 Aug 2007

An academic friend’s son is about to start graduate school, and so my friend and I got to talking about what we wish grad students would know and do to make it through grad school, to move onto a successful career in academia. Here's what I would tell him.

Separate This, Baby

7 Sep 2006

Not all separations of conjoined children make sense. Sometimes the costs to the children are so great, and the evidence of medical need so small, that the children should be left together and given whatever medical help they need—including physical therapy and psychological care, if necessary—to do as well as they can.

All Black People and Stir?

1 Aug 2006

A lot of the approaches to “welcoming diversity” that I’ve seen have consisted of “add black people and stir.” As if somehow simply adding people from various underrepresented minorities would (a) magically achieve a multicultural institution, and (b) fulfill our moral obligations to those who come from oppressed groups.