Work-Life Balance

Leaning Out

13 Apr 2014

I’m a lot like Sheryl Sandberg, or at least her public persona. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m a hard-driving, productive, leadership-prone woman who believes it is critically important for women to be confident, unashamed of their talents, and serious about careers they want. I have worked my ass off to achieve the c.v. I have, and I have enjoyed it. But the truth is, I intentionally lean out of my career. A lot.

Charlie and the Bat

3 Sep 2011

The mate and Bob the Builder pulled off more of the mantle. This, in turn, exposed what was obviously once a chipmunk nest, as well as evidence of what might have been former nests of small birds. They’d been sneaking in through the siding, into this warm space between the mantle and the outside of the house. I tackled it all with barbecue tongs and the shopvac. Thunk, thunk, thunk, went the acorns up the vacuum tube. Then, last week, came the bat.

The Kid Option

14 Oct 2009

I often say, honestly, if the woman I was before I had a child could see the woman I am now, there is no way she would have a kid. That woman was so intense about her work, so used to having her schedule at her control, so used to napping, eating, watching a movie, and having sex whenever she felt like it, she would be horrified to see herself as me.