on writing

Taking the History and Giving It Back

14 Apr 2013

Lately people have been asking me about the private, pro bono, client-centered histories I sometimes provide for people who have been subject to medical trauma. Providing these histories to individuals -- work that remains almost completely invisible to the outside world -- has been the most consistently satisfying aspect of my professional life. I would love to scale up this work.

I'm Not Dead Yet

9 Dec 2011

Writing as intensely as I did at the end of my dissertation is even more exhausting than it was way back then, no doubt because I’m older and busier. I feel sorry for my mate, who has a spouse who currently sleeps upwards of eleven hours a day.

Over to You, Pixie

19 Nov 2010

You’re probably wondering who Pixie is. She’s my muse. I don’t remember when I learned her name, nor do I even remember when she showed up in my imagination as an actual person. Well, not exactly a person. She looks like a bad-girl version of Tinkerbell, so more like a fairy. She also smokes, although never near me, so I’m OK with it.

Wasn't Publishing Supposed to Be About New Knowledge, or Improving Human Existence, or Something Other Than . . . Publishing?

6 Jul 2010

When I was a mortgage broker in the 80’s, on Long Island, it was obvious to us all the system was broken and would crash. You see, we were all being paid to write mortgages. No one’s income depended on whether property owners could actually pay the mortgages back. Write ‘em up, write ‘em up, rah rah rah.