on advocating

A note on Kiira Triea's place in the history of intersex activism

12 Feb 2008

A couple of times now I’ve been asked about certain online misrepresentations of my activist colleague Kiira Triea by academic colleagues who, in their classes, use Kiira’s excellent essay, “Power, Orgasm, and the Psychohormonal Research Unit,” an essay which I had the privilege to reprint in the anthology Intersex in the Age of Ethics.

Why "Disorders of Sex Development"? (On Language and Life)

17 Nov 2007

I’m pragmatic. Just like my seven-year-old son, I’m old enough and smart enough to know that words can have different meanings in different contexts, and that sometimes a word that can make one person laugh and smile will make another cringe. We use the language that makes sense for what we want to achieve, given the context. When you speak a word, it doesn’t just matter what you say; it matters how the other person hears it.